Thursday, September 17, 2009

I got a crazy job

About three weeks ago i went in for an interview for a special education specialist. I got a call three days that said "we hired someone else but i am going to keep your file because we really like you." Yea I was bummed, but understood that I have no experience with Special needs children so i was ok! Thankfully about a week later i started getting calls to sub. No it was not fun getting startled out of a deep sleep at 6 am! But things were looking up! Honestly I was just excited to be around kids again, i am a weirdo because i thrive around kids!

Well last week i got called to sub for a special Ed assistant. I laughed when i figured out that i was the sub for the guy that got "my job" Well then on Tuesday I got called again for the same person, so off i went. I took my lunch break and the principal sat down next to me! He asked me how he knew me and i laughed and told him he interviewed for the position that i was subbing for. He then figured things out really quick and said "Well that position is open again are you interested in it still?"

"Of course i am!" So I started by new job officially yesterday! And I am came home stressed, tired, tense and happy! But I am working with three great people who are full of advice and encouraging words. Let me a explain little about my job.

For the sake of privacy I am going to give my students nicknames. First in the morning i work with "Ticklish" she has more physical disabilities. She is in Kindergarten. She is a smart cookie but just a slower then her peers. So I work with her in her class, with the special Ed teacher and take her to any activities. Basically I am there to get her to all her activites and work on physical issues with her. Then right before lunch i move to "Mr. Hugger" who has behavior issues. He can start biting, kicking, hitting or running away in a split second and you don't always know why! He is very hard to work with, he is more the reason of me being tense! But I know deep down he is a sweet boy and by his name he does love to hug anyone!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Life in Muncie

Time for an update.


Still no job. Josh's job is great. Like new apartment. I am watching one movie a day. And finally our dog has eaten chocolate, a picture frame, a willow tree arm and is still alive!

Well in all seriousness things are well. We are really missing family, friends and taco bueno! Josh preached this Sunday, he just keeps getting better! The students were saying that maybe Mark will have him preach more often. I must say I have a small objection to this. He has finally figured out the music stuff. His voice has improved a ton this year and he is comfortable on the stage. He doesn't use his guitar or piano to hide behind. Frankly I love worshiping with him, I always hear something new when I sing in church! But I must confess I enjoy his "short and direct style" As you can see my husband wears many hats at his job.

Well I am still doing this subbing thing and losing some patience over it! I feel like i really should start looking for a job with two big holiday trips coming and Christmas gifts to buy. Cost of living is a bit higher here so money seems to disappear real quick! But I just need to buckle down and make some calls!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All settled in

Well we did it we moved into our very own apartment. It has three bedrooms and two baths! I like the two bathroom part so this way no one is waiting in line to use it! I have unpacked every box, we have hung up most of the pictures and Amos has
found his own little "doggie cave"

I must admit I kind of miss the life of the Campus House. I would walk downstairs and talk to Leslie and then Call Bonnie to come down and then Josh would hear us all laughing and come and make sure we weren't "talking about him" Plus Amos would come with me. The girls love him and he would sit on the couch and watch all the cars and chipmunks go by.

But we don't have internet at home yet so I am still coming up to the Campus house to use theirs! And Amos usually tags along!

I think we are all settled in Muncie. The first service is this Sunday, so Josh is getting a little nervous. I am just excited to meet some of the girls in my accountability group and all the other students! I am just really enjoying life right now. Though I must admit it would be nice to have a job! Pampered is a little something right now, but not a lot. But it is all in God's timing. I am able to attend a lot of activities with Josh right now, so I am taking advantage of that!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If I had a house...

Assuming someday when i have a house i would have kids.

If I had a house it would have...
one level
enough rooms for every child
a master suite with a mini reading corner with a fireplace
a chef's kitchen
hardwood floors
heated bathroom floors
a cozy family room with a huge family picture above the fireplace
the laundry room with the latest washer and dryer
a big back yard
a garden

Oh and i guess this means I would be rich!

Monday, July 13, 2009

i am done with so much free time

I have worked since I was 12. Started out baby-sitting, then got a "real job" at 16 and working ever since. I have had my share of crappy jobs, co-workers and managers! But I have always worked. I have enjoyed the paycheck and friends I have made. I have now been not working for one month. It has been nice allowing Josh to work and me...relaxe?!

In the last month I have read 4 books,watched two seasons of House, a nap every other day, laundry and dishes. But I think my butt, tush, caboose whatever you want to call hurts. It might be flatter anyways I feel i like I have not a lot to do. Now I am not complaining because I will be subbing come August but I am not doing a lot!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I have been diagnosed with discontentment

Lets see today is Thursday and it was the first day this week i have had something to do! Last night after a frustrating two hour conversation with Josh, I realized that I have no close friends in Muncie, no set church and no job. Aka I have nothing to do. So after gripping to Josh about stupid things I realized that I was picking at him purely from the fact of a case of discontentment.

Now don't get me wrong...I am not ready to go running home to my mommy just yet! I still strongly believe that Muncie will become home and honestly this little town is enjoyable. But I am 11 hours away from either of our families and our friends. We are having to visit other churches for the campus house and I am not working.

I am trying to figure out what my place is here at the campus house. I am not the one that was hired and i am not expected to even be involved. But I want to be. Why not? I can learn so much from the weekly connection group, sunday morning services and the students. But what can I teach? I am the one with the simple faith. I am not going to be able to teach them how to dig deeper, the meaning of words or comparing the old and new testament to each other. I learn and live off of personal experiences and the ups and downs of others.

I do know this though. Having Josh being blunt with me last night was good. I know that I am not unhappy with him, I do know that i can't get through this without him. I know that he doesn't want me to have "his faith" and he wants me to find my own thing in the campus house. I know that i am not unhappy with life just ready for things to be something normal and consistent.

Monday, June 29, 2009


My thoughts on a "Someday"

Someday I will do this blogging thing right
Someday I will have kids, which will give me an excuse to do this blog thing right
Someday I will have a house of my own, with my colors
Someday I will have all my stupid loans paid off
Someday when those loans are paid off I might not have to work so i can stay home with those "Someday kids" and work on this blogging thing
Someday I will take a photography class
Someday I will have the perfect hairdresser
Someday I will not have a craving for caffeine, so the zits go away with the headaches

Lastly...Someday all that will not matter because I will be in heaven.